About is an online first-person shooter with engaging gameplay, simple but effective 3D graphics and responsive controls. Play as one of the many available classes and use a variety of weapons to dominate the enemy in various modes including team vs. team and capture-the-flag. The game also supports mods which makes the possibilities almost endless!

Inspired by some of the classic competitive multiplayer games, this title features similar mechanics and gameplay. Despite the cartoonish graphics, the overall vibe is actually pretty serious. It is important to pay attention to the sounds as well as the visuals when engaging an enemy in a firefight – it only takes a couple of shots to get killed, so being careful about your movements is extremely important.

While a lot of games like have issues with hacks that make the process difficult to enjoy for users looking for a fair fight, using something like aimbot in this instance is not a good idea: getting banned is a real possibility and there is very little chance to get unblocked. The only real way to win consistantly is to get good.

Every game is an intense battle for survival with realistic firefight scenarios. Do you have what it takes to cooperate with your team and achieve victory by outsmarting the enemy? Join a free server right now to find out.

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